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PRE | PRODUCTION | POST | ACTORS & CREW Simpatica from Dean Merrill on Vimeo. Simpatica came about after I visited Grace Restaurant for the first time. I remember being in awe of the scale of the building, and how it would naturally lend itself to a romantic film. Long after Local Muscle Moving Co. […]

New Cinematographer Reel

Here my new reel from this past year’s worth of work. MUSIC: The Black Keys ALBUM: El Camino TRACK: Gold On The Ceiling


Adam Fredericks Project

The other day I ran into Adam Fredericks at Blue, and he told me about a new project of his. He is now working on a new group that has been recruited to produce a Demo for a potential UK/Europe tour. Adam is a good friend, and I though it would be a good opportunity […]


MECA Shoot

Gary Robinov was asked by Maine College of Art to shot 30+ finished videos for their site. After getting the project, Gary approached me to shot for him, while he Directed the interviews. Thus far we are 4 days in, with about 1.5 to go. More images to come!

After months of hard work by Ben Keller, we have the premiere episode of The Food Coma Show live! The premiere happened this past Sunday at The Space, where we had a great turnout for the end of the weekend. Over 100 people enjoyed Joe’s crazy Mac and Cheese, drank, and “gut laughed” for 25 […]

TEDxDirigo: 2012 Intro Video

For this year’s TEDxDirigo Intro Video I decided to try something more artistic and collaborative. Adam Burk suggested that I talk with Rachel Boggia who is a dance instructor at Bates as well as a speaker at this past TEDx event. The TEDx team, Seth Kerns and I met and came up with the concept […]

88 Caprice

After a year’s time, Director Andrew Dolby and I finished our short film titled “88 Caprice”. According to Andrew, 88 Caprice “explores the duo’s desire to explore efficiency in story telling with no dialogue on an emotive musical sound scape in what could be labeled as a commercially styled vignette.” Enjoy the show!


FS700 Camera Tests

In preperation for TEDxDirigo’s 2012 shoot, I visited Mark Hensley to test his Sony FS700. We shot a latitude and noise test. You can download the latitude test here. Noise Test Noise Test – Gain pushed 200% to see structure More to come soon on the shoot.

Food Coma Show Pilot

Food Coma Show Pilot

A month or so ago Joe Ricchio and Zack Powell approached me to help them with their concept of the next evolution of Food Coma, now called “The Food Coma Show”. I called in favors from around Southern Maine to make this happen. The crew comprised Andrea Nilosek, Bret Labelle, Corey Norman, Matthew Fletcher, Nicholas […]


Back Bay Bicycle Shoot

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot some photography at Back Bay Bicycle for their website. I lucked out with having someone being fitted, and they agreed to allow me to take pictures of them through out the process. Visit Back Bay Bicycle for some really amazing deals on great bikes!