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To fill some hours I decided to test out some color temperatures with a Kino since we had it in the studio. I used Cool White bulbs that I purchased at the hardware store and Daylight balanced Kino bulbs that came with the light. Click the image below to see the results.

Detour BTS coming soon!

Now that I have had some time from Detour, I am preparing to do a full BTS writeup on Detour. Until then, enjoy Gaffer Adam Belanger working his magic with his custom flag rig.


For the last year, perhaps even longer Mark Jamra of TypeCulture has been working away on a project that is about to hit the world. This project created one of the most aesthetically appealing typeface for the Cherokee Nation’s syllabary. This typeface is called Phoreus. There are many unique aspects to Phoreus, which includes the […]


Sunset Gel Test

Sometime ago last year I asked Mark Hensley if he wanted to spend a day at Possible Studio doing gel tests. My main goal was to find some recipes for different times of the day, namely sunset and early dawn. Keep in mind that these images haven’t been graded. I would desaturate most of these […]

Lens Distortion Test

Earlier this year Gary Robinov and I were invited to create a short film for Damnationland, an annual Maine Filmmaker based festival that generally happens around Halloween. This followed the success of Simpatica which we shot in January over the course of a day and a half sourcing all of the talent and crew from […]

5Dmkii ML RAW Video

First, let’s admit that this is a HUGE breakthrough to have this as a possible option on a $3k ( and less ) camera. I shot this test using the 5Dmkii with a neutral color profile, rating it at its native ISO of 320 using a 35mm Zeiss ZE lens.  While I was very excited […]


BTS: Simpatica – Crew

PRE | PRODUCTION | POST | ACTORS & CREW CAST Anthony: Dana Packard Josephine: Jennifer Nichole Porter Young Woman: Kat Moraros Bartender: Lowell ”Jeff” Jeffers   CREW Directed By: Dean Merrill & Gary Robinov Written By: Erin Enberg Director of Photography: Dean Merrill 1st AD: Erin Enberg 2nd AD: Andrea Nilosek 1st AC: David Meiklejohn […]

PRE | PRODUCTION | POST | ACTORS & CREW Post production on this project was relatively simple as we had planned out every shot with storyboards. This was really important as we had less than 2 weeks in post, which really meant 1 week to get a lock. After a few rounds with Gary we […]

PRE | PRODUCTION | POST | ACTORS & CREW DAY 1 The day finally arrived, and we were ready to go with some minor last minute crew and gear chages. We arrived at noon and loaded in all the gear and started our lighting setup. Adam Belanger brought a nice new toy, a covered wagon light […]